Five Steps for Your Cookbook Success

You are only five steps away from a successful fundraising project. We give you the tools you need to get the results you want…

Cookbook Publishers provides everything you need to make your cookbook fundraiser a success – and it’s so EASY you can count the steps on one hand! Of course, you’ll add your own special touches and style to your cookbook project. If you’ve never published a cookbook before, we’re sure you’ll find this “Recipe for Success” easy to follow. For a more comprehensive guide, download our FREE Step-by-Step Guide.

Order the FREE Kit! It contains tips and tools to make your cookbook project a success. There is also a sample cookbook included so you see first-hand the quality of our product.

Submit recipes 2 ways! Save time and money with our FREE U-Type-It™ Online recipe software. You and members of your organization type in your recipes and submit them online. Sound easy? It is! By typing your own recipes you save money on every book, up to $300.00 off per order! With U-Type-It™ Online, you can expect to shorten the length of time necessary to complete your order by 5 to 10 business days.

Of course if you’d rather, we are happy to typeset the recipes for you. Just collect, organize and ship them to us! It’s one of the many free services available with Cookbook Publishers.

Design it YOUR way! You’ve collected the recipes now choose the other components that make the cookbook uniquely yours.

  • Pick your cover and dividers, or design your own; we show you how!
  • Choose the recipe format. From fun and funky to elegant, you’re sure to find just the right look for your recipe pages.
  • Compile information for your four FREE Personal Pages. You may wish to include such items as a history, dedication, poems, etc. We also include, at no extra charge, a Table of Contents, Index of Recipes, and Customer Order Form page.
  • Sell Advertising! While Advertising sales are not necessary for the financial success of your cookbook, they can significantly boost your profits. Some of our customers pay the entire cost of printing their cookbooks through advertising sales.

Place your order! You’re almost there. See how easy this is? And if you have questions at any time along the way we’re just a phone call or e-mail away!

Even if you submit your recipes with U-Type-It™ Online, we still need your Cookbook Order Form, signed contract, and materials for your personal pages. All of these components are necessary before production can begin on your order.

Market Your Cookbooks! When customers tell us their cookbooks “sell themselves” we know these resourceful people didn’t just hope for sales; they planned for sales. Here are a few basic ideas for marketing your cookbooks. For more information call us at 1-800-227-7282 or download our FREE Marketing Tips.

  • Identify your prospects.
  • Design your cookbook to sell.
  • Start selling now! Most people will buy your cookbook sight unseen.

When your books arrive, tell everyone to pick up their cookbooks right away. Put up notices, fill the displays at your local business connections’ offices and stores, and display your cookbooks at every meeting…until the last copy is sold. Then it’s time to reorder more!

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