It's All In Our Name

“Welcome to Cookbook Publishers! Since 1947, we’ve been helping organizations, families and individuals raise money by publishing personalized cookbooks. Today, we’re an employee-owned company with our founder’s son, Dennis Evans, as Chairman of the Board. We believe this structure ensures conscientious and courteous service, as well as a product line that guarantees your success. Let us show you how easy it is to publish and profit with a personalized cookbook!”

Kevin Derry, President & CEO




Cookbook Publishers, Inc. was founded in 1947 as Bev-Ron Publishing Company. R. M. Evans, father of the current Chairman of the Board, started the family business for the purpose of printing community cookbooks. From that day forward, a pioneering spirit has fueled our service and success. In fact, we were the first company to:

In 1986, Cookbook Publishers, Inc. was restructured as an employee-owned company. This employee-ownership has created a group of people who approach their own respective jobs as though Cookbook Publishers, Inc. were their own business–because it is!

We like to celebrate our past successes, but we also enthusiastically embrace the future and all of its possibilities. One thing remains constant, though…that same high commitment to quality service and products…our employee-owners will make sure of that!



Cookbook Publishers, Inc. had a mission statement long before mission statements were fashionable …

Create quality short-run personalized community cookbooks at an affordable price for organizations that wish to raise money for charitable purposes.

And we had a vision …

… to provide this service and product on a national level.

Each and every one of our employee-owners understands that you, our customer, are the driving force in the success of our company … and that if you succeed, we succeed. For this reason, even though we print millions of cookbooks every year for thousands of families and organizations like yours, we will take special care and pride in helping to create your fundraising cookbook. Why? Because to you it’s not just a cookbook; it’s a collection of treasured recipes and memories that will be handed down for generations to come. To us it’s not just another job – it’s our livelihood!


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